Larry has been with the club for many years, initially joining in 1989 but leaving in 1991. He rejoined in 2012, and has been with the club ever since, both in an acting and backstage capacity, recently undertaking sound duties.

He started acting with the Portishead Radio Amateur Theatrical Society (PRATS) in 1983, and directed a one-act play in the Post Office/BT National Drama Festival in Stirling in 1988. He was also a member of the Sedgemoor Theatre Company, based in Bridgwater, in the 1980s, becoming Chairman of the Company before it closed in 1990.

He is also the webmaster of the club's new website.

He has performed in the following West Huntspill Players productions:

Hay Fever - 1989

Celebration - 1990

Improbable Fiction - 2012

Don't Misunderstand Me - 2013

Suddenly At Home - 2013

Dry Rot - 2014

Haywire - 2014

'Allo 'Allo - 2015

The Titfield Thunderbolt - 2016

One Man Two Guv'nors - 2017

A Bunch of Amateurs - 2019

Cold Comfort Farm - 2019

Who's in Bed with the Butler? - 2022 (Sound)

'Allo 'Allo - 2023


Phil joined the West Huntspill Players in 2014, after 19 years with the Brean Pantomime Society, playing numerous roles ranging from the Dame to the back end of a cow.

He has acted in numerous roles within the club since joining, including:

2014 Dry Rot
2015 Heat Stroke
2015 'Allo 'Allo
2016 Titfield Thunderbolt
2017 One Man Two Guv’nors
2018 Tons of Money
2021 It Runs in the Family
2022 Who’s in Bed With the Butler?

2023 'Allo 'Allo

He has also received Best Actor nominations from the Somerset Fellowship of Drama for 'Allo 'Allo and One Man Two Guv'nors.


Pat joined the West Huntspill players in 2015, following over 29 years with the Brean Pantomime Society.

She played the part of Helga in the 2015 production of 'Allo 'Allo with the West Huntspill Players and reprised her role in the 2023 production.


Judith was previously a member of the Coastline Players, based in Brean. Since joining the West Huntspill Players in 2017 she has been a regular cast member, appearing in numerous productions as well as helping out backstage when required. 

Judith has been involved in the following West Huntspill Players productions:

One Man Two Guv'nors (as an audience stooge) - 2017

Tons of Money - 2018

A Bunch of Amateurs - 2019

Cold Comfort Farm - 2019

Who's in Bed with the Butler? - 2022

The Games Afoot - 2022

'Allo 'Allo - 2023


Tania joined the West Huntspill Players in 2019 following many years of performing in the Bristol area:

Wedmore Vale Players, Bristol – 1994 to 2005

Tania was involved in a variety of musicals, plays and pantomimes which were performed at the Redgrave Theatre and QEH Theatre.  Favourite productions included; Stepping Out, Chicago, A Slice of Saturday Night (Rose Bowl Winner for Best Musical), Little Shop of Horrors and Alice in Wonderland.  As well as performing in, she choreographed productions including the latter two, which were winners of the Rose Bowl Award for Best Musical and Best Pantomime respectively.  


Bristol Amateur Operatic Society (BAOS) – 2005 to 2010

She was involved both on and off stage with productions at The Rooftop Studios and The Victoria Rooms.  Favourite productions include; Sangria Nights, an original comedy musical about a Club 18 – 30 holiday for she acted as choreographer, and the Rose Bowl-winning The Wizard of Oz as The Wicked Witch of the West.  

First production with the West Huntspill Players was as Meriam in Cold Comfort Farm, followed by the one act play 'The Day of Reckoning' as part of the outdoor Evening of Entertainment in the Summer of 2021.  Other roles have included Jane in It Runs in the Family, Susie in Who’s in Bed with the Butler and Daria in The Game’s Afoot. She played the role of Yvette in the 2023 revival of 'Allo 'Allo.


Alastair joined the West Huntspill Players in 1991 having been involved with at least 3 local drama groups in the Burnham-on-Sea area.

In addition to his numerous acting roles over the years, he has painted many of the sets used in club productions.

He has acted in the majority of the club's productions since joining, many in cameo roles for which he has won awards from the Somerset Fellowship of Drama.

He is also well-known locally as the official Town Crier for Burnham-on-Sea.


John joined the West Huntspill Players in 2019, appearing as 'Earl Neck' in 'Cold Comfort Farm', and as an airman/peasant in the 2023 production of 'Allo 'Allo. He has had extensive experience in local amateur productions, namely:

Phoenix Players Drama Group Burnham-on-Sea in the 1980s:

  • ‘A Murder is Announced’ by Agatha Christie
  • ‘Beyond A Joke’ by Derek Benfield                                                                            

Burnham-on-Sea Gilbert and Sullivan Society: 1980 to 1986: Principal and Chorus parts

Burnham-on-Sea Operatic Society: 1986 to 1994: Principal and Chorus parts

Weston-super-Mare Operatic Society: 1994 to 2006: Principal and Chorus parts

Wedmore Opera: Aida 1996 Chorus

Coastline Players (Brean Pantomime):  1999 to 2016 Various principal roles but mainly the Pantomime Dame.      


Jacqui was invited by Alastair Murray to perform with the West Huntspill Players, looking for a ‘Young Woman’ – easily flattered, she jumped at the chance.  During the early days, Maggie Roberts had the joys of trying to create costumes whilst changing size due to one of her pregnancies or trying to second guess how big I was going to get! She feels that performing with the West Huntspill Players is very different to panto, but she missed the singing at the beginning; she says the chance to bring a real character to a script is a lovely feeling – although we may not always get it spot on – we are usually pretty close thanks to the direction we receive. 

She was a member of the Burnham District Pantomime Society and acted in School performances.

With the West Huntspill Players she has been involved in acting, dresser and chairman of the committee.

She has been in a variety of productions but took several years out due to having a family and commitments that made rehearsals very difficult. She was awarded best supporting actress which has always stayed with her and was a very special evening, just like the Oscars!


Steve joined the West Huntspill players in 1994, having previously acted for the Phoenix Players in Burnham-on-Sea from 1982. He stayed with the latter group until 1999.

He is currently treasurer of the West Huntspill Players, a role he has undertaken since 2002.

Apart from acting he has also assisted with props and prompt roles. He is also a

Taekwondo Instructor 6th degree black belt (6th Dan – Master).

He has appeared in the following productions:

The Day After the Fair - 1994

A Christmas Carol - 1997

Funny Money - 1999

Just the Ticket - 1999

Tiptoe Through the Tombstones - 2000

One O’Clock from the House - 2001

The Happiest Days of your Life - 2001

Daughter of the Left Hand - 2002

Surprise Package - 2003

The Murder Room - 2003

Blithe Spirit - 2004

Out of Sight Out of Murder - 2005

It Runs in the Family - 2005

Cash on Delivery - 2006

Run for Your Wife - 2007

A Foot in the Door - 2008

The Late Mrs Early - 2010

Fly in the Ointment - 2010

Ten Times Table - 2011

See How they Run - 2012

Don’t Misunderstand Me - 2013

Dry Rot - 2014

Heatstroke - 2015

‘Allo ‘Allo - 2015

Arsenic and Old Lace - 2017

One Man Two Guv’nors - 2017

Seasons Greetings - 2018

Tons of Money - 2018

Cold Comfort Farm - 2019

It Runs in the Family - 2021

Who’s in Bed with the Butler - 2022

'Allo 'Allo - 2023


Clare started acting at Secondary School before joining the Reps Theatre in Harare, Zimbabwe. She took part in at least 2 plays each year between 1981-2000, in musicals, comedy and straight roles, and was also involved in backstage tasks.

She joined the West Huntspill Players in 2015, and is currently the Vice-Chair of the club, 

She is involved with props, scene painting and set construction along with her husband David, and has performed in the following WHP productions:

Outside Edge - 2016 - Miriam

Titfield Thunderbolt - 2016 -Miss Coggett

Arsenic and Old Lace - 2017 - Elaine Harper

One Man Two Guv'nors - 2017 -Dolly

Season's Greetings - 2018 - Belinda

Tons of Money - 2018 - Jean Everard

A Bunch of Amateurs - 2019 - Dorothy

Cold Comfort Farm - 2019 - Judith Starkadder

It Runs in the Family - 2021 - Rosemary Mortimore

Who's in Bed with the Butler? - 2022 - Rene la Fleur

The Games Afoot - 2022 - Madge Geisel

'Allo 'Allo - 2023 - Michelle


Dan joined the West Huntspill Players in 2017, having been involved in drama from an early age.

He played a roman soldier in his primary school's nativity perfomance and a 'star was born'

He always loved the idea of acting and saw his chance in a  group which performed at the Blakehay Theatre in Weston-super-Mare, and performed in 'The Wind in the Willows' where he played a weasel and the judge.

After secondary school he briefly joined a group where he didn’t do any plays but undertook some LAMDA exams.

He joined the Hutton Drama Club in 2012, and usually performs two plays a year - one of which is normally a pantomime, 98% of the time playing the idiot or dame.

He joined the Phoenix Casting Agency a couple of years ago and enjoy being a background artist when he gets time. Squint and you may see him in a wheelchair in 'Casualty' or getting his shoes shined in 'Dodger'.

He has performed for the West Huntspill Players in the following productions:

2017 - One Man, Two Guv’nors - Alan Dangle (nominated for best supporting actor)

2019 - Cold Comfort Farm - Reuben Starkadder

2021 - It Runs in the Family - Leslie

2023 - 'Allo 'Allo - Herr Flick